Friday, February 8, 2013


It's forecast for 42° in Perth this Sunday. WTH Mother Nature!?

What does one do in 42° weather? Start packing their bags for the arctic most likely.

Currently I'm fighting battle after battle about bedtime with my almost two year old. He has moved to a big bed and after a few bouts of sickness I had let him get into some bad habits. Stern mummy is here to stay now though. Basically that just means all day (and night) I say NO, STOP, WATCH YOUR FINGERS, NO YOU CAN'T HAVE MUMMY'S IPAD, then he sleeps and repeat until bedtime.

Sorry for the shocking quality, I had to ninja it in and outta there!

This week with a friend I went out for brunch to The Greenhouse and I had their crab & avocado, chives.

'Scuse fingers!

It's all piled onto a big piece of sourdough bread.

So tasty, light and satisfying. Can't recommend it highly enough. Look forward to going back. It's one of those hipster places where they pour your water out of a watering can and you can write on the walls in the toilets. Some info on their concept if you're interested.*

Another thing I've also been enjoying lately is writing and receiving letters and postcards. A dying art that I hope doesn't become extinct. I will save it for another post because I have a lot to talk about!

I will leave you with this gem, I have found it very helpful when I feel an impulse buy coming on. It's better to wait, we all know it. Not easier, but better.

*All opinions are my own and I'm not in any way associated with the greenhouse.


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