Monday, June 11, 2012

Henna Alert

I have been a fan of Lush for many years an have always been intrigued by their henna hair dye.
• I knew it would be messy
• I knew it would be permanent and to get it out, you have to cut your hair off
• I knew it was like a big blob of mud on your head for a few hours.
So I tried to convince my sister Jade to try it on her practically virgin hair.
Jade bought some agessss ago and last weekend we decided to DO IT!
Jade was house sitting a house with white carpet and a white couch. NOT ideal.
Henna stains EVERYTHING in its path.
Plus she'd just got out of bed so was in a slightly stroppy mood. But onwards we pushed.
Here is Jade Before:

Very dull and lifeless hair. :P
You'll need:
• gloves
• a glass bowl (henna stains plastic)
• Vaseline to go around the hairline
• a hair dye brush
• 1,000 dark towels
• patience

First chop up your henna so it'll melt easier
At the point you're meant to let the henna soak in water for 10 minutes to help it soften. We didn't.

Make a Bain marie with a pot of simmering water and a glass bowl on top. Throw in your henna, slowly add some water.
It will start to melt and look like this:

At this point you're thinking 'hmm do I really want to do this'
Keep going!

And you'll end up with this. It will be the consistency of mud, not double cream. Mud.
Put some Vaseline around your hairline and wack it on! Put it in warm but not hot.

Here's Jade once we were finished.

From the back

With no shower cap in sight I put a shopping bag on her head to try stop the henna falling off and getting on everything.
Then, Jade left it in her hair for 2.5 hours and washed it 374 times to get it all out.
And we were left with this:

The colour didn't change much, but her hair was very soft and shiny. She should've left it on longer we decided.
Jades Verdict: not worth it.


  1. Just when you see those hair dye ads and they're like "no mess and it only takes 15 minutes" the thought of standing in the freezing cold kitchen for 1-6 hours with a big pile of mud crumbling off my head just doesn't seem worth it to me... Especially when after all that there is barely a change in the colour!



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