Saturday, April 14, 2012

I heart a good top ten list

This is a little add on to my previous unexpectedly heart filled baking wish list. I really love the novelty factor of heart shaped kitchen objects and the fact that they can make the mundane a little more fun.

Check out this beautiful heart shaped Le Creuset casserole pot. How gorgeous is it! It only comes in one colour, cherry red of course!

Heart shaped chopping board

What a joy to drink your morning tea or coffee from! Link

Maybe you could even pop one or two of these sugars in your mug too??!?

Not sure how practical this spatula is, but it's still super cute.

Heart shaped fried egg anyone?

A kitschy chocolate and cheese grater

On the flip side of your day how bout a glass of water tickles your fancy in one of these pretties?

A gorgeous wine carafe with a sweet little love heart. Everybody now, awwww.

And then to wash it all up once you're done a heart shaped scourer.


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