Thursday, April 19, 2012

Grocery Shopping

Today I went and did groceries at our local markets.
I think the world can divided into two different groups of people: Those who love all things supermarkets and those who think grocery shopping is hell on earth.
I just so happen to be a proud member of the former group. I love supermarkets and wandering up and down the aisles looking at and touching everything. As I glance over the zillion choices of tinned tuna you can get these days, I thoughtfully stroke my (imaginary) beard as I consider each option. Then wash, rinse and repeat for every other choice I need to make.
Thus turning a boring old trip to the supermarket into an EPIC adventure! Well, in my head anyway.

Naz obviously enjoys shopping for groceries as much as his mummy.

In the deli section of the market.
Pro Tip: don't make eye contact with anyone in this section to be safe. Head down and run.
You have to make this type of food to blog about anyway :-P

Cheese selection. Just wow.

Hands up who wants antipasto now? (both mine are up)

Ice ice baby
Also did some research for an upcoming post on a DIY washing liquid/powder recipe I've seen on Pinterest.

Are you a supermarket lover too? Or do you order online to save yourself from the drudgery that is aisle 3?


  1. LOVE grocery shopping... But it has to be just me there, if hubby comes too its painful. The kids are ok. But it's blissful by myself...
    But my favourite thing is our local Farmer's Market. I love to pick something up and be told the whole story of where it came from, how it was raised or grown and picked (often all done by the person selling the item). It doesn't get any better than that...

    1. That would be lovely Mel Ive heard you have some nice produce in Tasmania. Maybe when Naz gets older doing the groceries won't be AS relaxing haha!

  2. i don't have kids yet, but you're brave to take a baby grocery shopping. i loveeeeeeeeee going grocery shopping and reading all the ingredients.. but I think my baby would be so annoyed at me. :-)

  3. Honey, when you do have kids take them to the supermarket early so they get the importance of grocery shopping. But also make sure they know that *only* adults can buy choose and buy groceries :-P

  4. I am not a fan of grocery shopping but Trader Joe's (which I don't think you have in your neck of the woods) is one of my favorite places. It's just so convenient and their food is great and reasonably priced! And the store entertains my kid...who could ask for anything more? :)

    1. Ive heard of Trader Joes from other blogs but no unfortunately we don't have them in Australia. They entertain your kids? Sounds like we need Trader Joes ASAP!

  5. Grocery shopping is one of my all time favourite past times. I love coles, manning rd markets and Swansea the best



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