Thursday, April 12, 2012

Freezer Organisation

Let me start by getting personal. I hate cold things. As a youngster I used to use oven gloves to get things out of the freezer.
I just hated that frosty sound and the coldness *eye rollllll*

Now as a fully functioning adult woman who cares for a child, I remove things from the freezer with my hand.

Oven gloves. How ridiculous.

So today I defrosted, cleaned and organised my tinsy little freezer.

I don't have a before photo, just imagine the North Pole filled with random food.

I made pumpkin and corn soup yesterday {enough for an Army}

And some more Chicken Nuggies for Naz. I also stewed some apples and pears for Nazs yoghurt and weetbix. And made up a vegetable mash to have on hand for Nazs dinners. Oh and I whipped up some bolognese sauce to have in the freezer if I'm caught short for dinner.

Big night of cooking last night don't you worry!

The soup. See army amount.

Naz's box with sweet and savoury.

All organised! I had to split the bread up into Ziplocks because it wouldn't fit :/ plus the lid won't go on Nazs box :/

But this is a lot better than the North Pole with food randomly everywhere isn't it?


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