Monday, April 2, 2012

Baking Wishlist

My Baking Wishlist
1. Kitchen Aid Mixer. This goes without saying. Surely? Who doesn't want one of these in their kitchen? Kitchenaid

2. You may remember I have moved recently. During this move somehow I lost any semblance of a mixing bowl. Then I saw this. It matches my measuring cups and spoons perfectly! Mixing bowl link

3. And then I saw this heart shaped wooden spoon and had to stop looking for heart shaped baking equipment.

Expect this list to grow. What are your favourite baking utensils?

Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with any of the companies listed in this post. This is a genuine 'in my dreams' list.



  1. I have the very same Kitcgenaid Sim and L.O.V.E IT! Big red is so quiet compared with any other mixer I have used and so quick and powerful. And he matches my red splashback in my kitchen. Adore.

    I love my simple yet fabulous stainless steel measuring spoons which are joined together so I can't lose them.

    My Tupperware measuring cups - Mum still has her original 1970's ones (olive green was dejour back then it seems) so I expect mine to last just as long. They are exactly the same just opaque instead of green.

    I really, really want a thermomix, but can't afford the outlay, so I borrow my friend and hers LOL! I'm just lucky that I bought my kitchenaid pre-kids when spending such an insane amount on a kitchen appliance wasn't such a biggie. I figure I can justify the kitchenaid though as they are so well made I know it will last me a lifetime....

    And it's not really a utensil, but how I love glad bake so. Saves on so much washing up!

    1. So jealous of your KitchenAid Mel! I go to Myer just to fawn over their incredible beauty. I recently saw a Thermomix, incredible along with an incredible price!

      My mum has the same measuring cups in orange!

      Ps. Yoghurt dots??

    2. Just realised how many times I said incredible! Well, they are LOL!



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