Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sunday Baking Sunday # 1

Sunday is traditionally the day of wishing you used your weekend better and not wanting to go back to school/work/jail tomorrow.
Well let's turn that frown upside down and start a weekly baking post on your (my) blog! That way we'll all have something to look forward too. Well, that and gorging oneself on said baked good.
Sunday Baking Sunday
This Sunday I made:
Baked Vanilla Cheesecake
Now who doesn't love a baked cheesecake? No one. Zero hands are raised. And that's because its always a crowd pleaser.
I used this recipe but have changed it slightly. And by that I mean we didn't quite have 300grams of sour cream.

Get your ingredients together. How easy is that? There's like 5 things!

Grease and baking paper your springform pan.

Marie biscuits into processor, ready to be smashed into smithereens. (smithereens is a word? Who knew!)

See? Smithereens.

Add your melted butter.

Process again, push into prepared tin, bring the base right up the sides. And chill (I put it into the freezer)

Start the filling with a clean processor bowl

Throw in your cream cheese, sugar and sour cream.

And process. Looks like ice cream doesn't it?!

Add eggs and vanilla

Now we're talking

Pour into chilled base


Once it's finished baking, leave it in the oven until completely cooled. This stops it from cracking.

Sliiiiiightly sunken in the middle, but that's no biggie

Serve that baby up!
What do you do to enjoy your Sundays?


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