Saturday, January 14, 2012

A different type of chocolate chip cookies

Things in my life at the moment are about to hit an exciting and possibly stressful (if I let it) time.

So what does one do to keep herself happy, her chakras aligned and her chi balanced?

She bakes of course! And what does she bake? Choc chip cookies!!!

After realizing we had none of the most important ingredient in the house. Naz and I bolted to Coles to get chocolate.

Naz testing the goods

So we made it back home and the fun could begin. I got this recipe from Here and have adapted it slightly, just in case you want to completely emulate my experience making these, I suggest you put your baby to bed and put this on your iPhone and get into it!

Butter and sugars


Eggs and vanilla

Throw I mean Fold in the flour

Chop up your chocolate/s. I used this instead of choc chips as the recipe states

Mix it all up, then place teaspoon sized blobs onto a baking tray, top with a square of chocolate. Why not?

Bake in the oven, regularly check them as these babies are sugary and will burn at a moments notice.

All done

Super squishy close up

And finally, eat way too many.


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