Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Toy Library

Today I went to The Toy Library. What's a toy library?

Oh so young, so naive!

Kidding, chill. Until yesterday I had never heard of a toy library either.

This is my local Toy Library if you want to check it out or do something similar in your area.

This is part of the baby room, where all the baby toys are kept, I found it very hard to pick!

They have toddler toys, dress ups, little ovens, cars basically any toy you can think off! I got Naz Baby Box No. 6, I thought I'd start off small and then see how we go. Plus the box was huge!

And here's little poo-bum himself in shock and awe of his 'new' toys.

There's a membership fee and then $2-$3 each time you borrow toys. But because Naz is my first baby and I had him this year it was FREE! Does it get better than that??

I think not.


  1. Omg that's such a great idea!! He looks so cute :)

  2. Yeah it is! I'm sure they have them in Perth ;)



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