Thursday, October 27, 2011

One of my many true loves, pasta.

It's been a while since I've had pasta, surprisingly as I love it.

So I thought, why not go alllll out and have a creamy pasta!

The food coma has since worn off and I am able to regain enough consciousness to type. I hope.

I found this recipe on Best. Website. For. Recipes.

Chicken, mushroom and avocado fettuccine

I've changed a few things though.

  • We only had sour cream, not pouring cream 
  • We only had Dijon mustard, not wholegrain
Ok, now that's all out of the way we can begin ze cooking...

Ingredient roll call

I can see it now

Cook down mushrooms and onions until soft

Meanwhile, boil some water

See? Softer. Ps. Steamy much?

Throw your pasta into the boiling water.

Add in the cream, stock and mustard, bring to the boil and then let it simmer

Ok here, I've put in the pasta and the chicken

Very daintily place in the avocado, this stuff is delicate people! Fold it through ok.

And then the best bit!

Eat it and prepare for your own food coma.


  1. I wont tell mum you stood on the bench cause its a cool photo! That looks devilish Sim! might make it when Joel get home and make him some! ThanX

  2. Brooke, Kaz cooked it and it turned out awesoomely for her too. SO let us know how you go ;)



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